Are Christians in the Middle East Doomed to Extinction?

Dec 31, 2023 | Culture, Environmental, Lifestyle, People, Videos

The Middle East has been home to Christians for centuries, with a quarter of the population identifying as Christian at the start of the 20th century. However, today this number is drastically lower and the minority community is in danger. The population of Christians in the Middle East now stands at merely 10 million amidst 320 million Muslims – accounting for only 3% of the region’s population. This dwindling community retains a long and rich history that dates back to Christianity’s inception.

For centuries, these Christians have faced persecution and marginalization; they’ve been excluded from political representation and social standing for far too long. Unsafe living conditions have forced many to flee their homelands; those who remain often lack basic human rights and are frequently victims of violence and discrimination. The endangerment of this community has reached an alarming level, warranting urgent attention from governments around the world–especially countries in Europe whose citizens are descendants of Middle Eastern Christian immigrants.

To raise awareness about this injustice, director Steven Timm has recently released a feature-length documentary called ‘The Last Christians’ – an eye-opening exploration into the lives of this marginalized minority group. Through interviews with members of the various Christian communities across the Middle East, Timm sheds light on their struggles with religious restrictions – such as bans on public worship – as well as their race against time to keep their cultural heritage alive while preserving peace between religions in conflict-ridden countries like Iraq and Syria.

This thought-provoking film brings into sharp focus the plight facing Christians in the

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