Are All Men Pedophiles?

Jun 22, 2022 | Lifestyle, Sexuality, Videos

The simple question is the following: Have you ever been attracted to a woman, only to find out later she is 13 years old? So, what is the difference between you and pedophiles?

Before we go further, let’s just state that this documentary does not approve pedophilia, or says “pedophilia is fine”? The goal of the documentary is to reverse sexism.

The movie’s synopsis clearly reads “We live in a society that condemns pedophiles, though biological instinct and world cultures throughout history suggest that an attraction to adolescents is as natural as it is unavoidable. The fashion industry on the one hand sexualizes ever-younger girls while those who act on these instincts are reviled. The apparent hypocrisy at the heart of society forces the question: What do we mean when we talk about Pedophilia? Are All Men Pedophiles?”

By creating a furious discussion between people the moment the movie was released in 2012, the director achieved his goal “place some attention to a topic that sorely needs discussion”.

Truth be told, in our society, sensitive and taboo subjects are often avoided, despite the fact that it is better to be open and honest about them.

The director and producers of the documentary interview several different people, starting from a female pedophile, to a woman who was raped as a child by her father and her neighbor, and a man who states that his sexual orientation is “pedophilia”. For more shocking moments, make sure to check the video.

The documentary ends with a premise that a lot of people are attracted to kids, and we as society are attracted to youth. The simple fact is that not many are bold enough to acknowledge it. So, the final question is have men become victims of modern sexism? And are all men pedophiles?

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Riyan H.