Architecture of Doom

Sep 9, 2023 | History, Videos


The Nazi aesthetic, introduced to the world by Adolf Hitler, was one of the most heinous and far-reaching manipulations of art and beauty in history. With an aim to create the ‘Aryan ideal’, Nazis co-opted cultural symbols of beauty and set about creating a visual language that would be used to further their extermination of millions.

Hitler’s vision for an Aryan-infused society began in earnest after his epiphany while viewing Wagner’s opera ‘Rienzi’. He began to push for a homoerotic ideal based on Grecian/Nordic features and ideals, that looked down upon those with physical deformities or mental illnesses. This coincided with a purifying force in which cleanliness was paramount; any form of ‘degenerate’ art such as Cubism or Dadaism had no place in Hitler’s idea of perfection. This was ultimately extended to Jewish people who were viewed as nothing more than vermin who needed to be eradicated.

This documentary dives into this dark and disturbing period in history and provides viewers with an honest look at the twisted manipulation of culture carried out by the Nazis during their reign. Viewers will gain insight into how these events impacted our world and how they continue to reverberate today, making it essential viewing for anyone hoping to understand this period of history.

As well as providing a chilling insight into this oppressive era, this documentary is also visually stunning; from gorgeous sets inspired by Wagner’s opera ‘Rienzi’, to beautifully shot interviews with survivors and historians, every detail has been considered. So if you’re looking for a gripping watch that combines stunning visuals with insightful historical discourse then look no further – this documentary is sure to enlighten while also captivating its viewers from start to finish.

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David B