Archimede’s Secret

Jul 3, 2023 | History, Videos

The Greek mathematician Archimedes is widely considered one of the greatest minds in history. Yet, for over two thousand years, his most revolutionary work was lost to the world – until recently. On October 5th 2006, a seemingly innocent Byzantine prayer book sold at Christies for an astonishing $2 million. What made this prayer book so special? Hidden beneath its pages and prayers was a unique text – the only record of Archimedes’ remarkable work.

Archimedes had achieved incredible insights into mathematics that few since have been able to replicate. His techniques were so great, they are still used today in engineering, economics and physics. Yet it took until 1906 for a scholar to identify remnants his work hidden within the prayer book’s pages – news that shook the world and made front page headlines of the New York Times!

The manuscript revealed ‘The Method’, which showed not only Archimedes’ final proofs, but also how he went about making his discoveries. Had this document been available during the Renaissance era, we might have been able to reach the moon over a hundred years ago! The importance of this discovery can hardly be understated – yet there is more to its story than meets eye.

Now you can explore this incredible tale for yourself in a new documentary from National Geographic called “Archimedes’ Lost Secret”. It delves into how Archimedes came up with his groundbreaking theories, following an international team of scientists as they attempt to fully restore and understand the fragments of parchment on which he wrote them down centuries ago. You’ll get to learn about some of history’s most enigmatic figures as you witness their journey uncovering archival material that reveals fascinating details about why Archimedes has endured for two millennia as one of our greatest mathematicians and thinkers. So don’t miss out on this chance to learn about one of history’s best-kept secrets – watch “Archimedes’ Lost Secret” today!

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David B