Apartheid Did Not Die

Jul 22, 2022 | Conspiracy, Videos

“Apartheid Did Not Die won the Gold Award in the category of ‘Film & Video Production: Political/International Issues’, Worldfest-Flagstaff, 1998; Certificate for Creative Excellence (third place), U.S. International Film & Video Festival, Elmhurst, Illinois, 1999. It is directed by the award winning journalist, John Pilger, who was earlier banned from South Africa for his reporting during the apartheid era. Apartheid based on race is outlawed now but the real apartheid, i.e., economic apartheid is yet not done away with; its cruel and unjust and treats people like cheap dispensable labor. Apartheid based on economic inequality allowed a small wealthy minority to exploit and have power over the large majority with no or little land. Great business corporations in South Africa, Britain, the rest of Europe, and the United States also supported this as they had nothing to lose. Though people are liberated, liberation in the truest sense of the term is yet to be achieved!”

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Riyan H.