The Aokigahara forest in Japan has earned the dubious distinction of being the most popular suicide spot in the country. Every year, upwards of a hundred people take their lives within this dense forest located at the base of Mount Fuji. The intense vegetation and remoteness has made it difficult for authorities to monitor or patrol, meaning bodies are only recovered during an annual sweep.

This tragic phenomenon was recently featured in a documentary titled “The Sea of Trees” which tells the story of Arthur Brennan (Matthew McConaughey), an American who ventures into the forest with the intent of taking his own life. Although he ultimately finds his way out, not everyone is so lucky. Even more disturbing is that homeless people are known to enter Aokigahara to scavenge body parts and items from those who have taken their own lives.

If you are interested in learning more about this grim location, then be sure to watch “The Sea of Trees” – a gripping film that will leave you feeling both saddened and inspired by this all too real tragedy. Through powerful visuals and heartbreaking stories from survivors, this documentary offers an intimate look into one of Japan’s darkest secrets – one that will stay with you long after its over.