Antonov An-225 – The Once World’s Largest Aircraft | Heavy Lift

Oct 24, 2023 | Aviation, Videos

The world’s largest plane, Antonov An 225 Myra, was built to carry Russia’s version of the Space shuttle – the Buran. Today, only one example of the Antonov An 225 Myra exists, and this exclusive documentary tells the incredible story of its development.
Filmed entirely in the Antonov factory in Kiev, this documentary provides a rare look into the creation of one of aviation’s greatest achievements. The Myra’s development was based on the world’s second-largest plane, the An 125, and it was built in order to fulfill a specific need: to transport Russia’s version of the Space shuttle.
The documentary features interviews with the engineers who built the Myra, as well as exciting walk-around footage of the plane. But this documentary isn’t just about the plane itself. It takes viewers on a journey back in time to a period when military equipment and the ability to transport it far and fast was key to success in a potential third world war.
While the conflict never happened, the Antonov design bureau and factory and the Antonov Airlines company have provided some of the most impressive transport over the last decade; moving emergency relief supplies, military equipment, and industrial parts. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise of an independent Ukraine only served to highlight the incredible work being done by these organizations.
This documentary is a must-watch for anyone interested in aviation history, engineering, or just plain old-fashioned storytelling. Don’t miss your chance to discover the incredible story of one of the world’s greatest planes. Watch the exclusive documentary on the Antonov An 225 Myra today.

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