Anonymous – Audio Tapes Ferguson Shooting

Feb 5, 2023 | Activism, Crime, Media, Videos

The Ferguson shooting is one of the hottest topics in American media in the past two years. The crisis started on August 9, 2014, when a white police officer, Darren Wilson, shot 18 year old Michael Brown, a black teenager. The event happened in the city of Ferguson, Missouri, but sparked a national crisis.

Shortly after the incident, protesters asked for the head of Darren Wilson, but that didn’t happen. Wilson was found not guilty at the trial, but in November the same year, he resigned from the police force and stated “he will never work as a police officer again, because he doesn’t want to put other officers at risk because of his presence.

As a result of the shooting and everything following the case, President Barack Obama announced a federal government measure to fight crime. The government spent $75 million on body cameras for law enforcement officers.

But as with every story in the media, there are always two sides. And Anonymous, a hacktivist group has released the tapes from the dispatch regarding the shooting. Listen them to hear another aspect of one of the hottest stories in the media world for the past two years.

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Riyan H.