Ancient Mysteries: The Rosetta Stone

Jun 29, 2023 | History, Videos

The British Museum in London is a treasure trove of amazing antiquities from ancient Egypt. Among their prized artifacts are 3,000 year old mummies and statues that honor great pharaohs. However, one artifact stands out above all else – The Rosetta Stone, an invaluable piece of history that changed the way we view mankind’s past.

Discovered in 1799 by French soldiers during Napoleon’s campaign in Egypt, The Rosetta Stone is an inscribed grayish-black stone tablet with three versions of a decree issued at Memphis, Egypt in 196 BC by King Ptolemy V. The top and middle texts are written in Ancient Egyptian using hieroglyphic script and Demotic script respectively, while the bottom is written in Ancient Greek.

The similarities between the three versions provided the key to deciphering hieroglyphs for the first time ever. With its help, scholars were able to gain a much better understanding of Ancient Egyptian culture and language, unearthing many secrets that had been lost for centuries. This monumental discovery earned Thomas Young and Jean-Francois Champollion recognition as two of the greatest minds in history.

Today The Rosetta Stone remains one of the most important archaeological finds ever made and a symbol of human achievement around the world. To learn more about this incredible piece of history we suggest you watch The British Museum’s documentary on The Rosetta Stone which dives deep into its fascinating story – from discovery to decipherment and finally to its current home at the entrance to their Egyptian collection at the British Museum in London. Don’t miss your chance to witness history!

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David B