Ancient Greeks: Golden Age of Civilization

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It is no secret that Greece has been called “The Crucible of Civilization”. The period of Ancient Greece is often referred as the “Golden Age of Civilization”, and there are many reasons why.

The Greeks are responsible for many of the inventions we still use today. Starting from the odometer, through the water mill, alarm clock, to cartography, we have to be thankful for the brilliant and genius minds of the Greeks.

This year, we will have another Olympics, in Rio, but the first Olympics were held in Athens. Back then, Olympics were a way to entertain the common people, and see who is the strongest and the best among soldiers and athletes. Nothing has changed hasn’t it?

In terms of knowledge, Greeks were responsible for the pillars of medicine, geometry, philosophy and so many other fields of research.

Last, but not least, the concept of democracy descends from Greece. Our Greek ancestors understood democracy better than many of their modern counterparts. Check the video, and see how Greece helped shape our civilization.

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