Anarchism in America

Jul 1, 2023 | Political, Videos

Americans have long been fascinated by the concept of anarchism, a socio-political philosophy that embraces individual autonomy and rejects government control. Anarchism has had a debated presence in American history, from its 19th-century roots in individualist thought to its 20th-century revival as an imported foreign ideology. Now, a new documentary film is shining a light on this contentious movement, offering viewers an insightful look into the many facets of anarchism in America.

The film, simply titled “Anarchism in America”, provides an engaging overview of the subject. Through interviews with prominent figures such as Murray Boochkin and Karl Hess, archival footage featuring rare images of past anarchist movements, and live performance footage from punk band The Dead Kennedys, director Charles Brown brings together a provocative survey of activism across America’s social landscape. As the film progresses, Brown expertly debunks popular misconceptions regarding anarchism while tracing its historical development through time.

Viewers will also be introduced to important concepts like mutual aid societies and free love lifestyle experiments which shaped American anarchism during its early days. In an effort to illustrate the rich diversity among anarchists today, Brown visits various organized communities who are collectively working together to create self-governed power structures outside of traditional authority—from artists who share communal living spaces to activists protesting corporate greed in Seattle.

By exploring anarchism on both its native American soil and abroad, “Anarchism in America” provides viewers with an invaluable education about one of our country’s most misunderstood ideologies. With its clear narrative and vibrant visuals, this powerful documentary is sure to leave audiences with a newfound appreciation for this unique political perspective. So if you’re looking to learn more about what it means to be an anarchist in today’s world—and why so many people find it appealing—then this is one documentary not to be missed!

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David B