An Inconvenient Truth – Another View

Nov 29, 2022 | Disaster, Videos

“This very short video documents a differing view from the one presented by Al Gore in “An Inconvenient Truth”. This may not be the large scale production of the Al Gore one but the narrator does present his differing view in an interesting way. He believes that this documentary is a case of a Global Warming Scam and goes about presenting his case as such.


Just because it’s in a documentary, on television or on the internet does not make it a fact……it’s the story which sells.

There are a number of interesting view-points presented here and it is worth sitting for the 5 minutes it takes to hear an opinion which is not aligned with some of the sentiments in the Al Gore presentation before you head to the longer more poignant documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”.”

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Riyan H.