An Honest Man

Jun 30, 2023 | News, Political, Videos

An Honest Man is a documentary that dives into the tragic life of former Pennsylvania State Treasurer, R. Budd Dwyer. The film looks back on the Computer Technology Associates scandal that ultimately lead Dwyer to take his own life at a press conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Through interviews with family, friends and associates of Dwyer’s, viewers get an intimate look into the events leading up to this tragedy and what may have caused it.

The documentary features an interview with Joanne Dwyer, R. Budd’s widow who passed away in 2009. She provides insight on her late husband and his character as well as her opinion on the outcome of the case against him. Additionally, William T. Smith’s testimony is also included in the film; Smith was one of the key witnesses in Dwyer’s trial and came forward to claim that he had given false testimony under oath for which he takes responsibility for Dwyer’s death.

An Honest Man is both heartbreaking and thought-provoking as it takes a close look at a man who was humiliated by a system he trusted, only to be punished beyond belief by its authorities. It is a poignant reminder to always remain vigilant against corruption in power and never take justice for granted. By watching An Honest Man viewers will experience a heartbreaking story that questions justice through tragedy and encourages us all to ask ourselves: could this happen again?

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David B