An Extra’s Life – On the Set of Band of Brothers

Jun 30, 2023 | Art, Videos

The HBO mini-series Band of Brothers was an incredible success when it first aired, and now fans are being given a behind the scenes look at the experiences of those who worked on the show. Through a newly released short documentary, viewers get to explore the daily routine of the extras on set in Hatfield, England, and absorb what it meant to be part of one of history’s most renowned TV series.

Through insightful interviews with some of the extras that worked on the show, we get an insight into how much pride they took in their work and how hard they worked every day to ensure that every scene was as perfect as possible. One extra noted that playing a soldier for Easy Company felt like more than just another acting job – it was an opportunity to help tell an important story about World War II veterans.

As well as providing a unique glimpse into what life was like behind the scenes during production, this documentary also celebrates the real life soldiers whose stories inspired Band Of Brothers. It is a fitting tribute to them and their incredible sacrifice that their stories were told so successfully, and with such authenticity.

This is truly a must-watch documentary for any fan of Band Of Brothers or anyone interested in learning more about WWII era history. It offers a rare insight into both the production process and how those involved approached telling this important story with respect and authenticity. So if you want to learn more about what went into making this Emmy Award winning mini-series, then don’t miss out watching this amazing documentary!

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David B