Amsterdam, But go to Friesland in Holland for New Years Eve

Mar 28, 2023 | Lifestyle, Travel, Videos

Amsterdam will always be Netherland’s most popular tourist city. After all, with all those Red District girls, marijuana legalization, beautiful nature and enjoying a bike ride, Amsterdam has a lot to offer.

But when it comes for the New Year’s Eve celebration, some people prefer other places in Netherland. For example, Friesland, a province in the northwest part of the Netherlands. According to Dutch people, Friesland is a much better option for New Year’s Eve than Amsterdam.

What makes Friesland so special? Well, let’s start from the snow and the ice. Located in the north part of Netherlands, Friesland is a bit colder and chillier than other cities. And according to locals, what you can see in the city during the winter period is something you will not see in any other city in the Netherlands.

So, for this New Year’s Eve, if you are considering going to the Netherlands, visit Amsterdam, but celebrate the night in Friesland. And we did not even mention the locals, who are extremely friendly and welcoming of tourists.

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Riyan H.