Amongst White Clouds

Jul 1, 2023 | Religion, Videos

Amongst White Clouds is an award-winning documentary from American director Edward A. Burger that allows us a glimpse into the forgotten lives of China’s Zen Buddhist hermits. Set in the beautiful Zhongnan Mountains, which have been home to recluses for millennia, this film follows the stories of several zealot students, gaunt ascetics, and wise masters living in isolated hermitages throughout the range.

These hidden sages practice a tradition that has survived despite countless twists and turns of history. Burger takes viewers on an unforgettable journey through their lives and teaches us valuable lessons about our own suffering and enlightenment in this modern world. In addition to presenting us with funny, compassionate characters, Amongst White Clouds also gives us spiritual insight into one of China’s most established Buddhist traditions.

Through stunning cinematography and captivating storytelling, Edward A. Burger presents a unique opportunity to explore these lonesome lands — our window into China’s sacred mountainside hermitage culture. Join him on his inspiring journey as he introduces us to the enduring wisdom and resilience of these extraordinary individuals who live in harmony with nature and their inner selves. Engrossing from start to finish, Amongst White Clouds is a must-watch documentary that will leave you both enlightened and deeply moved.

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David B