America’s Surveillance State

Jun 30, 2023 | Political, Videos

America’s Surveillance State is a six-part documentary series that dives into the reality of our present surveillance condition in the United States. With Edward Snowden bringing this issue to light, it has sparked debate around whether or not there should be an invasion of privacy with regards to citizens’ personal information. Behind this debate lies a massive industry valued at $60 billion annually, with 70% of that going to private contractors. This means that companies are incentivized to use government-funded programs and agencies such as the National Security Agency (NSA) in order to generate profit.

The goal of America’s Surveillance State is to explore if citizens’ safety is actually enhanced by having someone watch us at all times. It looks closely at programs such as those run by Brad Sumrall, a government programmer similar to Edward Snowden who highlights his experience sifting through data for national security purposes, though some critics suggest this wasn’t the case. The documentary also examines if we have truly sacrificed privacy for security in today’s world and whether or not these government entities are justified in their intrusion of our lives.

This documentary offers viewers an important look into a controversial topic that affects every single one of us in today’s society. By delving into topics such as private corporations listening on phone calls and reading emails for financial gain, it raises questions about what our future holds regarding technology and surveillance. If you’re looking for an engaging look at the challenges between safety and privacy in modern times, then watching America’s Surveillance State is sure to leave you informed and inspired!

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David B