America’s Planned War on Britain: Revealed

Jun 29, 2023 | History, Videos

The deep secrets of America’s war plans are hinted at in a highly classified document kept within the National Archives. In 1930, America devised an elaborate plan for war with what they called the “Red Empire”. But this was no ordinary enemy – it was none other than Britain and all her colonies. This documentary will explore how such an astonishing plan came to be created and what would have happened if it had been put into action.

American journalist Peter Carlson stumbled upon the plan while on a visit to the National Archives in Washington DC. Entitled Plan “Red”, it encompasses strategic planning for a huge war between the US and Britain, detailing where battles would take place, which troops were required, and potential outcomes. The Americans refer to themselves as “blue” while their adversaries are referred to as “reds.”

At the start of the 20th century, Britain held a vast empire that extended around the globe – but this prompted resentment among some American citizens. We now view Britain and America as having a strong relationship – they even fought together in two World Wars. However, prior to this they were often in conflict with one another, especially when it came to Canada which was then part of Britain’s dominion.

The documentary will provide fascinating insight into how close Britain and America were to war during turbulent times, when both countries were facing threats from evil regimes around them. In particular it will reveal who exactly would have won if Plan Red had been put into practice! History buffs should definitely watch this documentary for an eye-opening look at one of America’s most sensitive military secrets!

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David B