American underworld: Homemade illegal drugs

Jun 11, 2022 | Crime, Drugs, Medicine, Videos

In 2009, a new method and formula for mixing methamphetamine was discovered. The method required a two-liter soda bottle, some noxious chemicals and a few handfuls of cold pills. Put the ingredients in the bottle, shake it, and you get one of the world’s most addictive drugs.

With that being said, after the formula was discovered, making meth no longer required an elaborate lab. But that didn’t make it any less dangerous. In fact, production of meth became even more dangerous.

The question is, why would someone risk so much (his life for starters), for an illegal drug. The answer is money. There are estimates about how much you can make with production of meth at home, and the calculations sometimes work, sometimes they don’t.

The documentary follows a young enthusiast trying to show how simple making meth is. And what you need to go through to get the right contacts, the right equipment and everything else you need for production of illegal drugs.

Disclaimer: don’t try to replicate this at home. The intention of the video is to educate, not hook you up on meth production.

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Riyan H.