American Meth

Jun 28, 2023 | Drugs, Videos

Methamphetamine addiction has become a growing problem in recent years, and filmmaker Justin Hunt has decided to take viewers on a cross-country journey straight into the heart of this epidemic in his documentary, “Meth America”, narrated by actor Val Kilmer. From New Mexico’s arid planes to the inner-city squalor of Portland, Hunt offers an intimate look at how meth addiction has affected American families and sheds light on the hope that it is never too late to save a loved one from the grip of the drug.

The audience is introduced to James and Holly, two parents struggling with meth addiction as their four children candidly discuss how their lives have been impacted by their parent’s choices. Through these personal stories, viewers are given a glimpse into how addiction can ravage not only individuals but entire families.

At its core, “Meth America” shows that while methamphetamine addiction is devastating, there is hope for those affected by it. By providing an unflinching look at the reality of meth use and abuse in our country today, Justin Hunt’s documentary encourages viewers to empathize with all those afflicted while offering a message of redemption. For anyone who wants to gain an understanding of what families across America are facing due to meth use or offer support to those dealing with its effects, “Meth America” provides a vital source of knowledge and inspiration.

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David B