America the Beautiful

Jun 24, 2023 | Health, Videos

America the Beautiful takes a hard look at the standards of beauty in America and how they affect people’s self-esteem. By talking to “normal” people from all backgrounds, the documentary examines how different social pressures play into our desire for perfection and what constitutes beauty. The film brings to light harrowing stories, such as that of former model Gerren Taylor, who was scouted at age 12 and experienced a rapid rise before having an equally sudden fall.

The movie also features interviews with industry insiders, including representatives from Storm and LA Models, Marc Jacobs, and more. These perspectives provide a unique insight into the business side of fashion and modeling that helps to tell a fuller story. Health hazards posed by toxic chemicals in beauty products are also explored in detail, illustrating just how dangerous these substances can be – something which many Americans may not fully understand.

Another key point raised in America the Beautiful is its examination of American television’s impact on cultures around the world – particularly Fiji, where an expert discusses three years’ worth of data on how youth were affected by US media culture. It’s an eye-opening look at the power of media internationally and how it shapes societies far beyond our own borders.

By weaving together these stories, America the Beautiful paints a complex yet powerful image of beauty standards in America today. It’s an important conversation to have; one which viewers should take seriously and pay attention to if they truly care about their own well being as well as that of others across the globe. So watch this thought-provoking documentary today to gain further insight into our society’s preoccupation with looks and beauty – you won’t regret it!

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David B