America: Freedom to Fascism

Jun 25, 2023 | Conspiracy, Videos

Aaron Russo’s groundbreaking documentary, ‘America: Freedom to Fascism’ is an eye-opening experience into the true nature of the Internal Revenue Service. With his background as a former rock and roll promoter and manager, Russo dives deep into the history and evidence of income tax laws in order to reveal what lies beneath.

What he ultimately uncovers is a systematic erosion of civil liberties going as far back as the early 19th century when wealthy bankers conspired to take advantage of people in need. This trend has only perpetuated over time with an out-of-control government seemingly more interested in ruling than serving its citizens.

This jaw-dropping documentary contains never before seen evidence that will leave you questioning not just the validity of income tax laws but our entire system of government. It delves into legal documents, historic facts, and interviews with top-level government officials who are complicit in this covert operation. You won’t believe what is revealed!

If you’re looking to become more informed on one of America’s most controversial topics, then Aaron Russo’s ‘America: Freedom to Fascism’ is a must watch! This powerful film offers insight through its captivating narrative that will have you reconsidering your views on taxation and democracy. Don’t miss it!

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David B