Cape Verde is calling your name! Are you ready to explore its stunning natural beauty and meet the people who call the archipelago home? Join Somewhere on Earth, the breathtaking documentary that will transport you to the dramatic landscapes of these islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean, 600 km off the coast of Senegal.
The film follows the stories of four inhabitants of Cape Verde: George, Theo, Mitu, and their home islands, giving you an opportunity to witness through their eyes what makes Cape Verde a unique and magical place. From mountainous terrains to sandy beaches, the place is a natural wonder that attracts millions of visitors each year.
George, a resident of Sao Vicente, and his brother are dedicated to the conservation of the rare and endangered bird species that live on some uninhabited islands across the water. They are passionate about creating a sanctuary for these birds and nurturing them to sustain the future of the avian population.
Theo, known as a “island mountain,” is familiar with every path and trail of Santa Antao, an island that has a rich blend of landscapes from harsh mineral deserts to tropical, lush vegetation. He is committed to showing people the natural wonders of the island and its contrasting terrains.
Mitu, on the other hand, is the child of the wind and waves, whose passion lies in kiteboarding. For him, the island of Sal is his playground, where he can indulge in his favorite surfing sport, and live with the ocean where he has been growing and learning through the years.
The documentary Somewhere on Earth is a highly engaging and comprehensive portrayal of the Cape Verde archipelago, painting vivid pictures of its natural beauty and the unique characters that live there. If you have been wondering about a vacation destination that offers stunning beaches, mountains, and an opportunity to unplug and enjoy gifts that nature has bestowed, look no further than Cape Verde. Watch the documentary today and immerse yourself in the magnificent landscapes that will leave you inspired and enchanted.