Amazing Quest: Stories from Cambodia | Somewhere on Earth: Cambodia

Oct 1, 2023 | Culture, Environmental, People, Videos

We can dream of adventure on other planets that we may be able to colonize some day in the distant future… but for our children, Travel means our own planet Earth. Exploring different regions step by step, making encounters hand in hand… Discovering our Earth is a multi-faceted adventure… with no frontiers or limits except those of Man.

Somewhere on Earth spotlights places the world over where Nature has given free rein to its imagination and has taken the time to create breathtaking landscapes. These spots are often far removed from the great currents of the modern world and this isolation has long kept them sheltered them from the aggressions of human activity.

Somewhere on Earth is a documentary that invites viewers to explore the unique beauty of isolated regions around the world, from tropical jungles to snow-infused mountains and vast deserts. Although our planet can seem to be increasingly crowded, there are still places where Nature has been allowed to flourish unhindered by humans.

The documentary journeys through some of these stunning locales, bringing us closer to their awe-inspiring landscapes and inhabitants. As we accompany them on their virtual journey, we come face to face with the wild beauty of these secluded havens – vast vistas that take one’s breath away, cascading waterfalls that provide a welcome respite from everyday life, and ancient forests filled with an almost spiritual peace.

Beyond simply visual spectacle, Somewhere on Earth also delves into the history behind each region they visit. Through interviews with locals and experts, we gain insight into the culture and ecology of each area and get a sense of how deeply intertwined its people are with its environment. We learn about animals never before seen by most viewers, as well as rare plants that have evolved to survive in hostile conditions.

For viewers who long for adventure but don’t have the opportunity or means to explore far-off spots in person, Somewhere on Earth offers a unique glimpse at some of Earth’s most fascinating places without ever leaving home.

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David B