Amazing Quest: Stories from Brittany | Somewhere on Earth: Brittany

Oct 29, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The film captures the captivating spectacle of the storms that surge off the point of Brittany in western France. With the sea flexing its muscles, the storms are spellbinding, drawing in the viewer with a wild fantasy. The fishermen of the Raz de Sein are both humble and brave in their pursuit of their noble prey. Others, intrepid storm hunters, track the bad weather and huge waves as they push themselves to their limit in their never-ending search for the absolute.
As one of the most dangerous passages in Brittany, the Raz de Sein is an infamous spot for sailors. Only a few dare to tackle the waves, like Olivier Mével, an old salt of the point and captain of the Mundaka.
The documentary features compelling interviews with legendary sailors like Jean Bulot, known as “Captain Storm,” who recollects the places marked by his adventures as a rescue worker and shares captivating stories of his life at sea. We see Bruno André, a daredevil surfer in search of the ocean’s peaks and troughs, and Jean-René Keruzoré, a filmmaker and storm chaser, eagerly capturing images of Nature in its fury.
Throughout the film, we see the ocean at its most beautiful and most dangerous, and the people who embrace the challenge. Thomas Traversa, a windsurfer and world champion of the waves, performs with grace and agility amongst the unchained, angry ocean as he traces arabesques between sky and sea.
Watch “Storm Riders” and discover the unbreakable bond between man and the sea, as they confront the raging elements with courage and grace.

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David B