Amazing Quest: Stories from Bissagos Islands | Somewhere on Earth: Bijagós

Jul 20, 2023 | Environmental, Social, Videos

Somewhere on Earth takes you to the remote and magical Bijagos Islands, an archipelago of over eighty islands located off the coast of Guinea-Bissau in West Africa. Home to diverse wildlife, the islands are renowned for their stunning scenery and untouched beauty.

One such person living in this paradise is Marcelinho, a traditional healer from the village of Empincha on the island of Carache. Following in his father’s footsteps, Marcelinho has practiced traditional medicine for many years, but recently he’s been learning about modern western medicine from foreign doctors. This training has enabled him to treat people with greater confidence and accuracy throughout the northern islands.

The southernmost island of Orango is home to Pedro – a kind-hearted man who works as a radio presenter at Okinka Pampa, a local radio station. It is also home to one of Africa’s oldest national parks and reserves – Orango National Park – which was designated as a World Biosphere Reserve in 2010 by UNESCO.

These stories form part of “Somewhere on Earth”, an inspiring documentary that follows the lives of Marcelinho and Pedro – two people whose dream it is to keep their culture alive in spite of rapid changes taking place around them. The film provides viewers with an intimate glimpse into their lives as they strive for harmony amongst nature and tradition amidst innovation. We urge you to watch this beautiful documentary about two very different worlds coexisting within one small corner on Earth – The Bijagos Islands.

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David B