Alternatives to Russian Oil and Gas

Jun 20, 2023 | Media, Videos

Europe is energy dependent on Russia, with its citizens paying a heavy price in the form of 750 million euros every day for Russian oil and gas – money that indirectly funds the troubling war in Ukraine.

The documentary ‘Oil Empires: Inside Europe’s Energy Wars’ examines this complex situation, bringing to light compelling insights from key players in Europe as well as from two major alternative producer countries: Algeria and Venezuela. It examines the geopolitical implications of Europe’s energy dependence, which puts it in a vulnerable position to potential Russian aggression.

The documentary allows viewers to learn more about how European governments are attempting to reduce their reliance on Russian energy sources. It interviews experts such as government ministers from Germany, Italy and Austria and reveals their strategies for achieving greater energy security. By diversifying supply sources, they hope to mitigate the risk of political or economic manipulation by external forces. The filmmakers examine current plans for natural gas pipelines between Russia and Europe, such as Nord Stream 2, and question whether these projects will benefit or harm European interests in the long run.

Viewers also gain an understanding of how Algeria has become an increasingly important alternative supplier of energy to Europe since 2011. The film considers possible risks posed by increasing Algerian exports while also highlighting the importance of pursuing economic partnerships with the North African country beyond just trade relations. It likewise shines a spotlight on Venezuela, exploring why this South American nation has become a major player in Europe’s energy market despite its economic crisis and international sanctions placing limits on business operations there.

This thought-provoking documentary offers fascinating insights into challenges faced by European policymakers searching for ways to ensure that their citizens have access to reliable sources of energy while also protecting their own interests abroad. If you want to find out more about this important issue facing our continent today, then be sure to watch ‘Oil Empires: Inside Europe’s Energy Wars’.

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David B