Sep 8, 2023 | Technology, Videos

Go is an ancient board game with a rich history and immense complexity, making it one of the greatest challenges in artificial intelligence today. AlphaGo, a documentary from Deep Mind Technologies, chronicles the first match between a human champion and an AI opponent in this iconic game. Lee Sedol, a renowned South Korean Go master enters the fray with a great deal of confidence. The film depicts his journey to the ultimate outcome of this epic battle as well as exploring the origins and impact of this beloved game.

The game of Go is believed to have been invented around 3000 years ago in China, and it is still popular today due to its intricate strategies and tactics. It has been said that Go offers far more than just entertainment; many consider it an art form or even a defining human endeavor. As such, it has become a major goalpost for artificial intelligence. AlphaGo provides viewers with an exciting insight into this process – from seeing how computer scientists crafted increasingly efficient and competitive AI programs to witnessing the human versus machine smackdown unfold on screen.

The film also explores how Go has shaped philosophies and lifestyles for players across the globe, delving into its rise in popularity throughout different countries over time. Moreover, AlphaGo hints at some deeper questions regarding our relationships to these technologies; can we make more of ourselves through them? Can we learn something from them?

AlphaGo is not just another ordinary documentary – it presents viewers with thought-provoking questions about our own limitations as humans while providing an entertaining spectacle at the same time. This compelling feature-length documentary should be watched by anyone curious about artificial intelligence or intrigued by mankind’s long relationship with one of its most challenging board games.

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David B