Along the Amazon in Peru

Jun 6, 2023 | Nature, People, Social, Videos

Deep in the heart of the Amazon, controversy brews as Peru’s government debates the expansion and deepening of the river’s tributaries. While the development could revolutionize the region’s economy and infrastructure, it has earned stiff resistance from the indigenous peoples living in its lush forests. To them, the Amazon is not simply a means of transport or a source of income, but a spiritual sanctuary where the spirits of their ancestors still thrive.
Amidst this conflict, cargo ships like Eduardo III remain one of the few lifelines for the people living in the region. It’s a precarious balance as the cramped vessel navigates the winding river past one of the last untouched natural paradises on Earth. In this thought-provoking documentary, viewers journey alongside the Eduardo III and explore the complex questions surrounding progress, tradition, and spirituality. Will Peru’s advocates of development succeed in their ambitions, or will they have to confront the deep-seated beliefs of the Amazon’s tribes? Find out in this immersion into South America’s great river and the people that call it home.

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David B