Allen Iverson Interview Special – “The Answer”

Nov 9, 2022 | Sports, Videos

Can a story of basketball be told without Allen Iverson in it? What do you think? The Answer, Allen Iverson, has a clear answer “No”. Speaking after he was named as an Inductee to the NBA Hall of Fame in February 2016, Iverson said that a basketball history story cannot be told without the little guy who gave his all to the court.

In June 2016, NBA TV released an exclusive documentary on the life and basketball career of Allen Iverson. The documentary features his former coaches John Thompson and Larry Brown, as well as former teammates like George Lynch and Aaron Mckie.

The exclusive interview is conducted by Steve Smith, a player that played against Iverson, and now serves as an analyst for NBA TV. In the interview, Iverson strips himself from all the pride and glory, speaking honestly about everything that happened in his career. He touches on the famous “practice” incident, his relationship with Larry Brown and much more.

Iverson will go down in the history books as one of the most fearsome players, pound per pound the best among his peers, a competitor close to the level of Michael Jordan. No matter who was on the opposite side of the floor, Iverson knew he could score.

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Riyan H.