All That I Had

Apr 10, 2022 | Personal Triumphs, Sports, Videos

If I didn’t have skateboarding, I wonder where I would have been in the moments I needed the most. Would I have gone in the dark paths as my family? Or not? With these words, Nick Paulson starts his story about skateboarding, an activity that helped and saved his life.

Nick lived in a neighborhood where drugs were common among his peers. Without a care from a mother, he didn’t even know what it is like to have someone taking care for you. His only and best friend was his skateboard.

He skated for his entire life, even skipped class at time to go skateboarding. His story, “All that I had” is a documentary filmed in Lafayelle, Colorado. Take a look at the inspiring story how a skateboard could save your life.

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Riyan H.