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They are out there, lurking in the shadows, planets that we have never heard before. In the past few years, we’ve had several planets that scientists discovered, and many of them they believed can be populated.

But the science theory of another planet that can be populated started long ago. This documentary from 2009 focuses on the planets that have scientists first discovered, some of the early discoveries that suggested “Aliens might be there”.

If you want to learn about the mysteries of the universe, you need to change yourself first. The reality is that there might be more intelligent forms of live. But are you ready to embrace the fact that someone might be more intelligent, or smarter than you?

One of the biggest barriers that scientists have had to break with their alien theory is people’s ego and vanity. We believe we are the smartest, but that not is true all the time.

The video explores the quotation from Wayne Barlowe, which reads” From an altitude of roughly 39,000 kilometers we had a splendid view of the planet we had come to explore. With an equatorial diameter of 6,563 km, Darwin IV is somewhat smaller than Earth. Its predominant color is dusky ochre, relieved by a sparse mottling of red and two crisply defined polar caps”.

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