Aldo Balding Self-Portrait

Jan 29, 2023 | Art, Performing Arts, Personal Triumphs, Videos

You’ll rarely see so many men in suits in a picture as you would see in pictures by Aldo Balding. The British painter, born in 1960, is now one of the most recognized figurative and portrait artists in Britain.

The short video takes a look at some of his paintings, with frames focused on the process of painting, but also the paintings themselves.

Some people refer to Aldo’s paintings as nostalgic. However, in reality, they are timeless. Looking at his pictures you travel back to a simpler time, without technology taking over, one in which men had to court women with charisma, charm, good manners and similar characteristics.

Aldo’s love for the formal life shows in every picture, as you will find suited men more than people in sneakers and jeans. It is that narrative that draws people to his paintings.

The video is a perfect example of the probably the hardest aspect of drawing a portrait, which is painting a self-portrait. With artists usually their own biggest critic, how did the portrait end up looking?

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Riyan H.