Alcohol: Britain’s Most Harmful Drug

Jun 22, 2023 | Drugs, Health, Social, Videos

The UK has a higher rate of alcohol intake compared to other parts of Europe, and this is especially noticeable during the festive month of December. During this time, it has been recorded that the countries alcohol consumption rises by an alarming 41%, which can be attributed to the availability of cheap drinks throughout the county.

In order to further explore this issue, BBC Three recently dedicated a special documentary to look into the effects and consequences of such a high intake of alcohol. The film follows several individuals from across the country, shedding light on their struggles with addiction. It follows Garry, whose future is now in his hands as he fights to beat his dependence on alcohol. We also meet Nathaniel who delivers late night drinks to some of London’s wealthiest people, and Katie – an OAP who helps comfort young revellers after they have become too drunk.

Through these stories we come to understand the devastating effects that excessive drinking can have on both individuals and those around them – not just during Christmas but all year round – and how important it is for us all to be aware of our limits when it comes to drinking.

If you are interested in exploring more on this topic, then don’t miss out on watching BBC Three’s documentary ‘Christmas Drinking: What’s Going On?’ It promises to give viewers an insight into Britain’s relationship with alcohol and why it is so important for us all to stay mindful when it comes to our own habits.

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David B