Air Transat Flight 236 Disaster – Mayday

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"Air Transat Flight 236 made a miraculous escape from what could have been a massive tragedy and disaster, this documentary describes what happened on this night. Faulty maintenance on fuel pumps causes incorrect readings on cockpit equipment and dials. Pilots do not believe readings until it is almost too late. A transatlantic flight nearly ends in disaster but manages to land at a navy base mid-Atlantic with faulty brakes. An amazing look at what exactly happened. Gliding into an unfamiliar runway with no power available to provide reverse thrust is something you would not expect in this day and age of strict air traffic safety checks etc but the flight crew managed to save the plane and it’s passengers despite all thetyres exploding on landing.

The investigation to follow reveals the incorrect maintenance procedures using the wrong parts during maintenance which could have resulted in the loss of all 306 passengers and crew. A large monetary fine for the air company may at least improve and highlight the issues of flight safety breaches in this case but there is still a number of huge questions wrt some of decisions made in this “not quite a Disaster” instance."

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