Ai Weiwei drifting – art, awareness and the refugee crisis

Aug 31, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

In “Human Flow,” Ai Weiwei’s latest film, the Chinese artist-turned-activist turns his attention to the refugee crisis. Following Ai’s journey throughout Europe and the Middle East, the documentary captures the scope and human toll of the crisis as he meets and films refugees living in camps and traveling by boat. The film provides a unique perspective on this global humanitarian issue, interspersed with poignant footage, interviews, and statistics.
As a former political prisoner in China, Ai knows firsthand the power and danger of speaking truth to power. In “Human Flow,” he uses his platform to shed light on the plight of refugees who are the victims of political instability and war. Through his lens, the situation becomes personal, as Ai displays solidarity with the refugees and demonstrates his commitment to exposing the devastating impact of global refugee policies. The result is an emotional and thought-provoking documentary that pushes viewers to act and seek solutions.

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David B