Agroforestry: A solution to farming’s biggest problems?

May 23, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

Agroforestry is an ancient agricultural practice that has been around for thousands of years, but unfortunately it has been largely forgotten in the modern era. A more sustainable form of agriculture that takes up less land and produces fewer carbon dioxide emissions, agroforestry can help reduce farming’s impact on the environment.

Agroforestry is a type of permaculture that combines trees, crops, livestock, aquaculture and other elements into an integrated system to make the most efficient use of land. It mimics natural ecosystems, using companion planting techniques to create beneficial relationships between plants and animals. This helps promote biodiversity while reducing synthetic inputs like fertilizers and pesticides. Agroforestry also works to protect soil from erosion and reduce water runoff.

The documentary “This Is Agroforestry” shows how this age-old technique can be used to help farmers and communities benefit from a more sustainable form of agriculture with minimal environmental costs. As viewers get an inside look at the lives of agroforestry farmers, they’ll see how renewable resources can be used to create meaningful change in their own locales.

The film showcases inspiring stories from around the world, from small family farms to large-scale projects that are transforming entire landscapes. It demonstrates how agroforestry can provide economic stability for farmers while also helping protect wildlife habitats and mitigate climate change.

Agriculture doesn’t have to mean sacrificing our planet’s future if we remember our old ways and embrace new technologies like agroforestry for responsible farming practices. Watch “This Is Agroforestry” to learn more about how this ancient art could be used to build a brighter tomorrow—for both humans and nature alike.

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David B