Africa’s Moonshine Epidemic

Jun 19, 2023 | Drugs, Videos

Uganda, a small East African nation, has one of the highest per capita alcohol consumption rates in the continent. This should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with their illicit brew known as Waregi – or “war gin” as it is more commonly known. War gin is an incredibly potent moonshine concoction that makes even the strongest Appalachian spirits seem like a children’s drink in comparison.

This dangerous beverage has been at the center of a new documentary about Uganda’s drinking culture called “The Drinking Man of Africa”. The film follows a group of researchers who travel to different parts of the country to gain insight into why Ugandans are so eager to consume this dangerous liquor. Along with interviewing locals and experts, they also have the chance to sample some of Uganda’s infamous war gin for themselves.

What viewers will find is that Ugandan drinking culture is closely linked with centuries-old beliefs and superstitions, many of which still dictate how people drink today. In addition to shining a light on Uganda’s unique drinking customs, “The Drinking Man of Africa” also delves into troubling issues such as the rise of alcoholism among young people and its consequences for society at large.

If you want to know more about what makes Ugandans such big drinkers, then make sure to check out “The Drinking Man of Africa” when it comes out in theaters near you! Not only will you learn more about Ugandan alcohol culture, but you’ll also get an up close look at how this ancient way of life is being challenged by modern problems. Don’t miss your chance to gain some incredible insight into one of Africa’s most interesting cultures – tune into “The Drinking Man Of Africa” today!

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