African Wildlife – South Africa Kruger Park

Dec 1, 2022 | Environmental, Videos

For animal lovers, nothing beats a safari tour through South Africa. And when it comes to National parks that protect the animals, few can compare with Kruger Park in South Africa.

Covering an area of 19,485 square kilometers, the Kruger National park is among the largest game reserves in the continent. Located in the provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga in the north-east part of South Africa, the park was first protected in 1898. It became the first national park in South Africa in 1926.

The park has 21 rest camps, and two special and private lodge concessions. In order to see all the animals in the park, one needs more than two weeks.

The Kruger National park has more species of large mammals than any other reserve in Africa. With webcam all over the park, the administration can pay attention and protect the wildlife.

Kruger is also home of the African wild dog, an endangered species with a population of only 400 units living in the wildlife.

The documentary takes you through the stories of how the park cares for the animals, what each and every animal needs in terms of healthcare. For example, elephants have their teeth replaced when they get worn and drop out. Elephants are one of the biggest animals in Kruger, and the park tries to transport them in order to limit their population.

The park can house only up to 8,000 elephants, and there are more than 11,000 living in Kruger at the moment. In 1995, the park tried contraception, but it stopped the program due to problems with upsetting the herds.

Rhinos are another specie that is common for the park, but Kruger has problems keeping them safe from poachers.

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Riyan H.