Africa, GMOs and Western interests

Jul 13, 2023 | Environmental, Health, Political, Videos

Across Africa today, there is a contentious debate surrounding the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to help solve two of the continent’s biggest problems – famine and malaria. In a documentary titled “Africa, GMOs and Western Interests,” the filmmakers explore this controversial subject matter in search of answers that transcend the surface-level claims being made by the highly influential lobbyists, philanthropists, and businesspeople behind the GMO push.
One of the central figures featured in the documentary is Bill Gates, whose eponymous foundation has become one of the largest financial backers of genetic experiments aimed at tackling Africa’s malaria problem. While it’s easy to appreciate the desire to help alleviate suffering in the region, critics are wary of the potential long-term consequences of meddling with the natural habitats of mosquitoes and crops like cassava. The documentary examines the complex web of economic and political interests at play, raising important questions about how philanthropy can morph into capitalist exploitation, and how public funds can be redirected to serve private interests.

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David B