Afraid of the Dark

Jun 19, 2023 | History, Lifestyle, Social, Videos

In the days before electricity, night was a time of intense fear. Throughout the centuries, people believed that unspeakable monsters roamed in the dark, ready to wreak havoc and violence on any unfortunate soul they encountered. Even ordinary bandits took advantage of the darkness to prey on travelers, while roadside ditches became death traps for unsuspecting victims. And although we know now that werewolves and vampires belong solely to the realm of fiction, superstition and dread still lingered in the night air.

The fear of darkness also inspired humanity towards new knowledge – Galileo’s famous exploration of the night sky was made possible by an absence of artificial light. In modern times, blackouts can still cause panic and apprehension as we recall our primitive ancestors’ terror.

This fascinating documentary will take viewers around the world to places where real night still exists today and uncover all the reasons why darkness has been feared throughout history. From brutal bandits to supernatural creatures, it will explore how these forces of fear shaped our evolution as a species. If you’re brave enough to delve deep into this dark past, don’t miss this enlightening glimpse into a world petrified by pitch-black nights!

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David B