Afghanistan: Babies as Targets

Dec 15, 2023 | Environmental, History, Justice, Military/War, People, Videos

In May 2020, tragedy struck the nation when a maternity clinic in Kabul was stormed by armed men and indiscriminately opened fire. Midwives, pregnant women and new-borns were among those killed and injured. Reports indicate that the gunmen even shot women in labour, without any remorse or hesitation.

The incident has left many Afghans horrified and the government is currently negotiating with the Taliban to try to put an end to this never-ending war. Tragically, babies seem to have become targets in this conflict.

This heartbreaking story has been documented in a documentary film titled “Kabul Maternity Clinic Attack: Babies of War”. The documentary follows several survivors of the attack as they go through their healing process after such a traumatic event. It also paints a vivid picture of how the sectarian violence affects vulnerable populations such as pregnant women and their newborns.

Watching this film will surely bring awareness about the struggles faced by these innocent victims of war, while providing some hope that maybe one day these atrocities will come to an end. We encourage everyone to watch “Kabul Maternity Clinic Attack: Babies of War” and help spread its message so that no mother or baby ever have to suffer what happened earlier this year in Kabul.

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David B