Afghanistan – A new hand for Abdul

Nov 13, 2023 | People, Videos

Abdul’s life was shattered by a bomb attack that left him without both hands. His hope for a better future arose in the form of “Friedensdorf International,” an organization that brought him to Germany for an operation. However, the stakes for Abdul are higher than ever before, as no established treatment options can be found for children like him in their war and crisis-ridden homelands. In a place unfamiliar to him and in the company of other children in the same dire predicament, Abdul’s journey of healing and hope begins.
In a heartbreaking tale of resilience and survival, viewers are invited to join Abdul’s quest for treatment, as qualified doctors become more difficult to come by and aid organizations scarce. How will Abdul’s life change, and how will he adjust to his new reality? Through this moving documentary, Melina Grundmann captures Abdul’s story with honesty and sensitivity, challenging us to share in his experiences and understand the struggles of millions of others like him.

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