Jun 9, 2022 | Social, Videos

Shopping centers have really become the centers of many communities. Children and adults, see a shopping center, only the natural destination to fill a boring life. Through revealing personal stories, expert commentary, hilarious old film clips, dramatized vignettes and “anti-commercial” breaks, Affluenza examines the high cost of achieving the most extravagant lifestyle the world has ever seen . Last year, the Americans, who represent only five percent of the world’s population uses about one third of its resources and produces almost half of its hazardous waste.

Add overwork, personal stress, the erosion of family and community, the debt through the roof, and the growing gap between rich and poor, and is easy to understand why some people say that the American dream is not a bargain. Many are opting out of the consumer chase, redefining the dream, and making “voluntary simplicity” one of the top 10 trends in 90 years. Affluenza travels across the country to show men and women working and shopping less, spending more time with friends and family, volunteering in their communities, and enjoy their lives.

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Riyan H.