Active Measures

Jun 14, 2024 | Political, Videos

Active Measures, a riveting documentary directed by Jack Bryan, lays bare the shocking truth about foreign interference in the 2016 American presidential election. The film traces the complex web of connections between Russia and influential players in the U.S., unraveling disturbing evidence of a systematic campaign to manipulate public opinion. From interviews with prominent political figures to hard-hitting journalistic investigations, Active Measures paints an alarming portrait of a democracy under siege.

The film shines a light on Vladimir Putin’s calculated efforts to sabotage America’s democratic process on multiple fronts. It reveals how Russia deployed cyber espionage and online “troll farms” to flood social media with fake news sources, as well as how Russian operatives used sophisticated hacking techniques to gain access to sensitive information from inside government networks. The documentary also provides significant insight into how populist rhetoric and strategic alliances were successfully utilized to further divide America’s voters along ideological lines.

In addition to providing an essential historical context for understanding how this breach of liberty occurred, Active Measures is must-see viewing for anyone interested in preserving democracy in the face of growing global threats. With its comprehensive yet accessible approach, the film serves as an urgent call to action for citizens everywhere – making it all the more important that we watch and remember what happened four years ago, so that history will not repeat itself.

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David B