Abu Dhabi’s refuge for endangered species

Jul 8, 2023 | Environmental, Nature, People, Videos

In a land where wild animals once roamed free, the Arabian oryx narrowly escaped extinction after being over-hunted by humans. Today, these endangered animals find refuge on the man-made paradise of Sir Bani Yas, a desert island part of an archipelago west of Abu Dhabi. In this large wildlife reserve, animals from three continents — Arabia, Asia, and Africa — roam freely.
A place where you can watch cheetahs hunt and imagine how the Bedouins once lived, Sir Bani Yas stands as a testament to the region’s desire for a sustainable future. Extensive ecological measures put in place in the 1970s have turned the island into a sanctuary, a place where even the once-endangered oryx now run free. In this documentary, you’ll learn about the oryx’s fight for survival and the journey of Sir Bani Yas and its inhabitants towards a sustainable future.

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David B