Abortion in Europe

Oct 1, 2023 | Justice, Social, Videos

Across Europe, women seeking abortions face a number of barriers – legal, ideological, and social. From Italy to Poland, Spain to Germany, access to reproductive healthcare is far from universal, with doctors refusing to carry out the procedure, even if it risks the lives of their patients. And with anti-abortion lobbyists continuing to push for their agenda, progress towards greater reproductive freedom is often one step forward, two steps back.
In this eye-opening documentary, viewers are taken on a journey through Europe, meeting the people fighting for reproductive rights and the women who are forced to navigate a healthcare system that seems determined to deny them access to safe abortions. From emotional interviews with parents who have lost children as a result of restrictive abortion laws to passionate activists who are working tirelessly to change the status quo, this film offers a unique window into the struggle for reproductive justice and the legacy of a patriarchal society that still seeks to control women’s bodies.

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David B