A Year With Armin van Buuren

Sep 6, 2022 | Music, Personal Triumphs, Videos

Armin van Buuren is arguably one of the most famous and popular DJs in the world. The Dutch DJ has been voted number one DJ few times now. He is actually an ordinary person that lives an extraordinary life.

Whenever you see a show by Armin, you notice his huge passion for music. He has a relentless passion, and thanks to his perfectionism, manages to make hit singles year in and year out. He strives to stay on top, and doesn’t mind the daily pressure that comes with it.

So far, Armin has made a hit single collaboration with several artists, showing he can adjust and adapt to every style. Crowds chant his name, and people love taking pictures of him and with him. The documentary takes you through one year of his life, from his home, to the private jets and to the parties he throws.

The documentary perfectly reveals the perfectionist he is, and his relentless drive for creating quality music.

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Riyan H.