A War on Science

  • Published 8 years ago
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"When Charles Darwin published his theory of evolution 150 years ago, broke the dominant belief of his time – that humans were the product of divine creation. Through his observation of nature, Darwin proposed the theory of evolution by natural selection. This caused a stir. After all, if the story of creation could be doubted, so too could the existence of the Creator. Since its proposal, this cornerstone of biology has sustained wave after wave of attack. Now some scientists fear facing the most formidable challenge yet: a controversial new theory called intelligent design.

In late 1980, Phillip Johnson, a renowned lawyer and born-again Christian, began to develop a strategy to challenge Darwin. For Johnson, the evidence of natural selection was poor. He also believed that by explaining the world only through material processes was inherently atheistic. If there is a god, science would never be able to find out. Johnson recruited other Darwin doubters, including biochemist Professor Michael Behe, mathematician William Dembski and Dr. philosopher of science Dr Stephen Meyer. These scientists developed the theory of intelligent design (ID), which states that certain features of the natural world are best explained as the result of an intelligent being. For him, the presence of miniature machines and digital information found in living cells are evidence of a supernatural creator. Throughout the 90′s, the ID movement took to disseminating articles, books and DVDs and conferences worldwide. To his supporters, intelligent design heralds a revolution in science and the movement is gaining political influence. Not only have the support of the President of the United States, who is about to be introduced to science classes across the country. However, his many critics, including Professor Richard Dawkins and Sir David Attenborough, fear that conceals a religious motive – to replace science with God."

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