A walk through the tenderloin – a glimpse into a systemic issue

Apr 22, 2022 | Activism, Social, Videos

No, this is not a story about beef tenderloin, one of the best meat dishes you can get. No, this is a story about the homeless population in America.

Despite America being one of the most democratic and wealthiest countries, hundreds of thousands still live without a roof over their head. The “walk through the tenderloin” documentary takes a look at the homeless population, and the lack of affordable housing on modern society.

How do we perceive the homeless population? Do we think of them as some third grade citizens? Or we treat them with respect? How easy or hard is it to get a decent housing nowadays?

America is one of the most modern societies, and the country has put a lot of effort into affordable housing, but the numbers are not showing positive results. Take an in depth journey into one of the most troublesome problems we face as a society.

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Riyan H.